Understanding Fingerprints

(1) Simple Arch Patterns

Form: hill-shaped,curved top, no triangle was formed in with the shape. Characteristics: hard working, introverted, cautious, works without complaint, likes to follow the steps, down to earth, do not like taking risks.

(2) Tented Arch Patterns

Form: like a camping tent with a sharp tip top.

Characteristics: with extreme personalities, can be outgoing and welcoming one day and shy the other; it all depends on how nurture and development during childhood. Not afraid of challenges and obstacles, but may sometimes be impulsive. Creative.

(3) Ulnar Loop Patterns

Form: like a waterfall flowing towards the little finger with triangular points. Characteristics: gentle, observant, passive, loves schedules, likes to go with the flow, little self- motivation.

(4) Radial Loop Patterns

Form: The opposite of ulnar loop, the “waterfall” flows toward the thumb. Characteristics: thinks independently and cleverly, like to question and criticize, self-centered, loves to go against the majority.

(5) Concentric Whorl Patterns

Form: Lines starting from the center of the small circle, the lines on finger tip appear to be a complete circle and spread out like concentric circles. with two triangular points.

Characteristics:Self-centered, likes competition, likes to set objectives, rigorous, subjective, doesn’t like to be controlled.

(6) Spiral Whorl Patterns

Form: A spiral pattern starting from the center and move outward, has two triangular points.

Characteristics: Self motivated; Parents should encourage accordingly.

(7) Press Whorl Patterns

Form: Similar to the whorl pattern, but the circle turns into a long oval shape, has two triangular points.

Characteristics: Ambitious, likes competition, hates to be defeated, attention to detail, stays on a budget.

(8) Imploding whorl Patterns

Form: Tai Chi-like patterns in the middle, surrounded by multi-layers of circle. Characteristics: Has the ability to complete two tasks at the same time, diverse, self-conscious.

(9) Composite Whorl Patterns

Form: Tai Chi-lke pattern without multi-layers or circle surrounding it. Characteristics: Very adaptable, thinks from different perspectives, makes decision based on what the environment is, good communication and coordination skills, but can be distracted easily.

(10) Peacock’s Eye Patterns

Form: From the center it looks like a peacock’s eyes and lips; the center consists of more than one circle or spiral, the end of each ring is connected in a straight line. It has two triangular points; one further and the other closer to the center. Characteristics: Expressive, highly perceptive, with leadership qualities, artistic.

(11) Variant Patterns

Form: Often has combination of two or more of whorls, ulnar loops, or simple arches, with two or more triangle points. Characteristics: Likes to expressive oneself in a unique way, which often becomes offensive and creates misunderstandings.