IVM Shiksha Vision

IVM Shiksha’s vision is to be earth’s most essential and admired company for Dermatoglyphics and Multiple Intelligence Services. At IVM Shiksha we follow a MANTRA IVMwhich means identify value intelligence make a difference.

IVM Shiksha’s vision is to enhance the spectrum of human capability, and the potential to be valued and productive in life with multiple intelligence analysis addressing the challenges and offering solid approaches to enhance human intelligences and individualized learning. We aim to provide inspiration which is contagious and enables us to unleash creativity to help people achieve their goals. We encourage people to think beyond traditional academic measures of value and talent as a vital early step to enabling better self-esteem and bigger personal belief, confidence and aspiration.

IVM Shiksha aims to reach individuals/institutions and masses to serve through the large network of professional franchisee network across India and Globe. It aims to join hands with learned professionals, teachers, psychologists and Dermatoglyph researchers and also aims to carry on research on various aspects on Dermatoglyphics along with the latest technology to serve the individual in most refined and professional manner.