Compatibility Relationship Counseling

Life is moving too fast for relations. Parents are busy in their work and hardly finding time for kids at home. Relations are drying up in busy schedules. And we all use one statement that whatever we do we do for family BUT without having time for that family. The truth is whatever is achieve in life.  Whatever we understand about relations is all depends upon family culture and atmosphere. Today we need to understand each other emotionally as well scientifically as well. It helps individuals in a family to understand themselves and their immediate kin and relatives better.

Lets understand the same :

Sometimes husband is not expressive and wife is expressive or vice versa. Sometimes parents are too logical and child is not and do not reach at common platform. Grand parents expectations are different. By knowing oneself with Drmatoglyphics Multiple intelligence Analysis one understands each other and it leads to better appreciation of how each is intelligent in different way. He or she will also be able to figure out what works with different family members and how to communicate more effectively with them.

This analysis will be able to support in understanding behavioral pattern. In improving the relationships with your loved ones. Understand your partner’s Personality traits, Values and Characteristics. And Develop understanding & comfort through better communication. The result of all this – more harmony at home, better relationships and far more collaboration. Now isn’t that a great thing to aim for and accomplish? Talk to your nearest IVM Shiksha centre, you are the one in your family to take the initiative!

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