Career Counseling

Our Life has three life stages with the first stage—fantasy stage lasting up to eleven years old, second stage—Tentative stage lasting from ages eleven to seventeen with the three sub stages of interest, capacity and value and the third stage—realistic stage which lasts from age  seventeen onwards, with sub stages of exploration, crystallization and specification.

At IVM Shiksha with the help of Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Analysis and professional Career Counseling, using a unique combination of psychology, neurobiology, genetics and embryology, we try to explore:

” Where does your child stand among the crowd in the first stage?”

“A time perspective which has always been centrally important to the career development process in the second stage”

“ The process of helping an individual in the third stage to develop an integrated and adequate picture of himself and of his role in the world of work, to test this concept against reality and to convert it into a reality, with satisfaction to himself and benefits to the society.”

Our Career Counseling’s Help

Children/Students to tackle pressure by their parents when it comes to choosing a career and avoid ending up succumbing to this pressure, to minimize their time and financial commitments on unnecessary courses. When advice and guidance comes from a professional, parents are more likely to listen and agree. That’s what happens in IVM Academy.


Individuals to rekindle their passion for living and revive dreams from the past, stable self-concepts that would integrate all aspects of themselves- skills, values, beliefs, interests, emotions and sexuality, to Plan ahead to achieve their goals and to Assess their EQ, IQ, AQ, CQ.

Parents to strengthen their parental bonds, to become aware of new avenues, about growth prospects in new sectors. This helps in opening up their thinking when it comes to a career for their kids.

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